Paul Locatelli

Paul Locatelli believes in concierge service, helping his clients from A to Z, acting as a liaison between clients and professional resources for every aspect of real estate finance, rehabilitation, and remodeling. He prides himself on his ability to provide his treasured clients with vital local connections that improve their quality of life and the enjoyment of their home. With a background in construction and property management, Paul shares the expert insights he’s gained from his hands-on experience.

Paul has been serving the greater Santa Cruz County, Monterey County and Santa Clara County areas since 2002. His greatest joy has been the opportunity to give back to the community through donations, volunteer efforts and by actively supporting local organizations. With family spanning four generations in Santa Cruz County, Paul Locatelli has personal knowledge of the neighborhoods, history and culture of this strikingly beautiful region.

Think Local, Think Locatelli. Call Paul and chat about your real estate needs today. 831-750-9795